Awaken Your Inner Magic with Nature's Wisdom 

Discover the ancient secrets of Mother Earth and transform your life with the power of Nature Spirituality

Meet Challenges with Grace & Ease

Enjoy Heightened Wellbeing

Unlock Inner Wisdom & Creativity

Reconnect with Mother Earth,  Reclaim Your Purpose

Feel overwhelmed and disconnected from something greater than the day to day? Feel an inner void in your life and don’t know how to fill it? Want to align your life more with your values, especially regarding Nature?

You're not alone. Like you, many yearn for a sense of higher truth, a sense of life purpose and fulfillment, along with a deeper connection to Nature, but don't know where to start.

At Temple of Ara, we guide you on a transformative journey to unlock your inner wisdom and empower you, with Mother Earth as your greatest spiritual teacher.

Life’s too short for to feel disconnected, and overwhelmed. It's time to find peace, equanimity, and fulfillment. You're meant to live an enchanted life.

Unearth Enchantment in Your Life

More Fulfillment

Deeper Connection to Nature

A Sense of Community

Your Spiritual Sanctuary

We understand how disorienting and isolating it can feel to search for deeper meaning in a world that often seems hyperactive, superficial, and disconnected. Finding your way isn't just about isolated practices; it's about connecting to wisdom that has evolved over millennia.

At the Temple of Ara, we offer more than rituals and teachings; we offer a legacy. Our holistic approach empowers you to reclaim your intrinsic connection to the Earth, yourself, and the greater web of life.

We guide you on a fulfilling journey to spiritual empowerment and ecological awareness. Here, you're not just learning; you're evolving, along a path well-trodden by sages and shamans. 

Embark on Your Journey

You'll not only transform yourself but also contribute to a larger movement aimed at healing
the Great Mother and fostering a more harmonious existence for all Her inhabitants.

Crossing into the Mysteries

Discover what's important to you in a spiritual community & how to make the most of your involvement with the Ara community.

Deeper Wisdom of the Circle

Experience the divine power that resides within you & the world around you. Craft yourself as a wise-one, Mother Nature's witch.

Communing with Immanent Divinity

Heighten your intuition & achieve altered states of awareness so you can more deeply commune with the Sacred in Nature & within.

Ready to transform your life with the wisdom of Mother Earth?


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What's Holding You Back?

If you’re like most people dealing with a hectic life, you probably wonder if there’s more to life than dealing with the day-to-day. You may be a success in your career yet you know something is missing. Most people like you begin their spiritual journey with the desire to discover meaning, purpose, fulfillment and self-awareness.

Through our Nature-centric courses and experiences, we help people just like you unlock greater wisdom and well-being. By engaging in our practices, you’ll become more joyful, more creative, more intuitive and innovative.

You’ll begin to appreciate life with awe and wonder, become capable of greater love, have the self-awareness to make effective decisions, and experience increased acceptance of yourself and others.

You’ll learn to work in harmony with Nature and her laws so you can unleash newfound power to craft an enchanted, divinely guided, magical life.

You’ll learn a system of practices that enable you to reconnect and commune with the Sacred - key practices that truly connect you to the Divine so you can empower your life

Discover the Divine that is present in the world, in ourselves, and others. Learn to feel, to experience, and to know the Divine and the Ecstasy of communion with that Divinity.

welcoming the sun

8 Reasons We May Not Be a Good Fit:

  • You are not madly in love with Mother Nature and you're not looking for easy yet powerful ways of communing with her
  • You don't feel that that all things in Nature are divine and sacred and that the Sacred lives within all things
  • You much prefer worshipping an anthropomorphic deity who is not present in Nature
  • You want to rely heavily on tools like the tarot, talismans, and crystals, and are primarily interested in mastering them
  • You're not interested in self-reflection, introspection, or transformational inner work; you have no desire to develop yourself and grow 
  • You are a leader in another spiritual tradition or group (or you aim to be) and are looking to apply everything we teach to your own group
  • You are not open to approaching experiences with a beginner’s mind 

Discover the Ancient Wisdom of Nature

Download our free meditation and start experiencing the wisdom of Mother Nature

You can unlock your intuition & ancient wisdom easily — even if your time is limited. This meditative practice will help you reconnect to the wisdom of mother earth, reconnect to your own inner wisdom, gain a sense of belonging and unity with nature, and kick off your spiritual path.