Linda Maglionico, Elder

Linda Maglionico
Elder Priestess Linda Maglionico with her horse, Brandy.

High Priestess, Founding Elder, Membership Director and current Treasurer of the Temple of Ara, Linda Maglionico has been instrumental in the creation of community not only in the New York area, but across the globe. Linda has developed and is overseeing the Temple’s online college and currently runs all online special events.

In the past, she has developed and implemented such programs as Holiday Celebrations in the physical and spiritual realms, monthly Journey Circles, and 21-Day Healing programs.

She has also taught teaching circles in New York and New Jersey for nearly 12 years, and has conducted workshops in Rome. Linda currently hosts lunar and solar celebrations in New Jersey as a way to introduce people to Nature as our Greatest Spiritual Teacher. She also helps create community by managing the Temple’s web site, newsletter and social media strategies.

As a Temple Elder, Linda has performed wedding ceremonies and funerary rituals and is legally recognized as Clergy by the city and state of New York as well as New Jersey.

Linda is a Certified Reiki Master (with a specialization in Animal Reiki), and is a Certified Life Coach, helping people thrive in their lives. Linda is currently developing a proprietary healing modality using Nature as healer to be offered exclusively through the Temple.

She embarked upon her studies with Phyllis Curott and the Circle of Ara in 1995.

A double Virgo, Linda is an avid horse mom and animal rights advocate. She has been a vegetarian for over 25 years. For her, right relationship is about acting in accord to her love for Nature, which extends to her diet.

Visit her Nature community on Meet Up and her web site and blog.

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