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The Temple of Ara is perfect for anyone looking to live an empowered, divinely guided, magical life. It’s ideal for all those who seek to feel, to experience, and to know the divine and the ecstasy of communion with that divinity. It will be especially helpful to those who long to experience a direct and personal revelation of the divine as expressed and embodied by Mother Nature.

Before we get into who we are, let me ask you a question...

Are you looking for a way to understand your place in the world – the natural world?

… And perhaps a way to connect deeply with Mother Nature, yourself, and with more-than-human beings such as animals & plants?

Are you ready to experience the healing & joy that comes with that connection?

And unlock the power to powerfully transform yourself, your life, and make a difference in the world?

Here’s how we can unlock the magic that will infuse our lives with enchantment, wisdom, creativity and empowerment…

… all in an easy, and structured, way … 

We’ve been around for nearly 20 years, and we’ve seen people fall into the same traps over and over:

  • Spiritual practices that are too complicated or dogmatic
  • An over-reliance on book knowledge which keeps the spiritual path abstract and compounds a feeling                  of disconnection 
  • Believing there’s not enough time for spiritual practices
  • Thinking that a true spiritual practice - or to be a true spiritual person - means that you must dress the part, and buy a ton of props, tools, talismans and so on
  • Thinking that magic is something SUPER-natural - attributed to some force beyond the laws of Nature

… As a result - within a short time - people slide to a halt.
They grow frustrated.
And give up.

And in the meantime, they still manifest the same thing as before – they still feel confused, overwhelmed, and anxious … they still feel lost.

What’s more, modern, traditional witchcraft has evolved into an INDOOR spiritual path… causing many to forget how to commune directly with Nature.

This disconnection is having devastating effects in our lives and on our beloved Great Mother.

Statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency suggest that adults spend 93% of their lives inside buildings or vehicles, living under what nature writer Richard Louv calls “protective house arrest.”

Researchers & environmental psychologists think these trends are rising to the level of a phobia: A growing number of Americans, they say, are suffering from “biophobia,” a “prejudice against nature,” or what the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders categorizes as “natural environment phobia.”  

All of this is resulting in higher rates of general anxiety disorder and depression.

One of the great American conservationists, Aldo Leopold, observed something about this phenomenon – when his children returned from playing outside, they were physically and emotionally renewed by their contact with the outside world. They were happier…

A growing body of evidence corroborates Leopolds’ observation. Daily green exercise has been proven to:

  • produce rapid improvements in mental well-being and self-esteem; 
  • boost problem-solving skills, cooperation, focus and self-discipline;  
  • reduce aggression
  • among many other benefits...

That seems pretty magical to us!

So, with this in mind, we reflected upon the true meaning of our spiritual practices.

If our more shamanistic, animistic, ancient ancestors were communing directly with the land, shouldn’t we also follow a path that brings us more in touch with that wildness?

Exactly how do we reestablish our relationship with the Great Mother and reap the rewards of nature-centric spiritual practices?

Introducing ...
Temple of Ara's Nature-Centric Spiritual Programs & Experiences

Through our classes, rituals, and other community experiences, we focus on Earthly, Lunar and Solar Rites of Passage. 

There are certain times of the year when Nature gives us powerful opportunities to rejuvenate our awareness – Full Moons, New Moons, and Seasonal or Solar Celebrations.

In the Temple of Ara, we regard these rites of passage as states of transition between one stage and the next. They are times of conscious transition, transformation, of liminality.

Each of the four seasons, each lunar cycle, has its own unique energy and offers its own unique wisdom. To live in accordance with the seasons and the moon is to honor the fluctuations and changes in Nature, as well as within ourselves.

When we observe changes in the seasons, we reconnect to a sense of organic flow—how all life experiences are woven together.

By coming into a synced rhythm, we flow with the changes, rather than resisting or ignoring them. In this state of flow, our health (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) finds greater resilience and vibrancy. By becoming attuned to Nature's cycles, you can join the flow of life rather than struggling to try to control it. Nature’s flow cannot be controlled.

Once you learn how to surrender and move with it—when you walk with the flow of life instead of against it—health and ease returns on all levels.

To put it simply, to live in sync with the Earth is to honor our intuitive selves.

How to get started

Still looking for more information on Phyllis Curott? 

The Temple of Ara was initially founded by Phyllis Curott, who provided inspiration for our work based on the teachings of and experience with the Immanent Divine.

An attorney and Wiccan Priestess for more than 30 years, Curott is also an internationally bestselling author and is currently working on launching her own proprietary community. To contact her directly, please visit

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