Our Mission



Our MissionThe Ara Tradition is an international Wiccan spiritual tradition devoted to experiencing the divinity that dwells within Nature and in ourselves. It is a spiritual path and a community that is rediscovering the wisdom of our ancestors and creating a new relationship with our Mother Earth and with one another. Our central spiritual and ethical precept is that we live in a sacred world and so we seek to live in a sacred manner. Our mission as a tradition is devoted to helping you experience, rejoice in and be guided by that immanent divinity.

Our Mission

The Temple of Ara is committed to:

  • helping you rediscover and reconnect with the Sacred in Nature, in yourself and within others
  • teaching you the practices and philosophies inherent in the Temple’s workings and celebrations
  • helping you foster a commitment to living our shared values and acting in accord to the Temple’s primary tenet
  • helping you establish meaningful relationships with other members of our global community who share your values and view that the Natural World is Sacred

Development of Community

If you are interested in becoming more involved in the Ara Tradition, we encourage you to attend our online Full Moon rituals and our solar Spell Rebellions.  Become a member and receive many exclusive benefits, including discounts on initiatory prep training.

We also offer three initiatory training intensive workshops for those who want to learn our tradition’s practices and to ritualize in a community of shared values:

Additional guidance is provided by Temple Elders, Priestesses, Priests, and Initiates who conduct circles, public rituals, workshops, lectures and online classes. Temple of Ara Elders are also available for spiritual coaching and energy healing. Guidance is also available in Phyllis’ books and through this website.

Discover the Ancient Wisdom of Nature

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