Our Vision

We dream of a global network of 1,500 members who have committed themselves to honoring, celebrating and revering the Immanent Divine and have committed themselves to spiritual maturity. Each member commits to having daily time with Mother Nature, and participating in special small group councils designed to meet needs of our members and the Temple.

We dream of a network of 50 small group councils within our Temple designed to provide support, encouragement, and accountability to our members as they seek to grow spiritually. These groups will continue to be led by trained lay pastors and leaders who lovingly lead, support, nurture, and care for those in their group.

We dream of giving birth to our Life Development Institute for our members, offering a balanced program of initiatory prep intensives, theological studies, and annual conferences. Because we view our lives as our magic, we also intend on hosting topical classes and seminars – related to our spirituality as well as related to real life needs. All of our programs will build knowledge, perspective, conviction, skills, and character. We expect 750 members to undergo the transformative process of Initiation by the year 2025.

We dream of creating a program for our youth, so they too can discover the beauty and blessings of a relationship with the Immanent Divine.

We dream of robust Activism in Accord programs through which our congregation can make a difference in the world – ecologically as well as interpersonally.

We dream of a faculty of 100 gifted lay teachers, equipped with the vision, character, knowledge, and expertise to nurture our family. We dream of a teacher training program that produces wise ones with expertise in the ways of Nature, Temple of Ara principles, and spiritual growth. We dream of the day that it can be said, “the best spiritual teachers in the country are the lay teachers in the Temple of Ara.”

We dream of an age appropriate Life Development Process that leads our children and youth to love Nature, grow spiritually, discover their shape for Council, and understand their life mission in the world.

We dream of Temple of Ara as a model for Nature spirituality and Immanent Divine wisdom that focuses on life change, not just intellectual comprehension.

The goal of this vision is to bring awareness and reverence to the Immanent Divine, effectively removing the veil that separates us from the Divine, by presenting Nature with as many spiritually mature students as we possibly can.

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