Priestesses and Priests of the Temple of Ara provide a variety of spiritual support to members of the Ara community as well as others in our local communities seeking such services.  A brief overview of clergical services include:

Rites of Passage

Ara Priestesses and Priests create and conduct rites commemorating various significant life moments including birthing rites, baby blessings, coming of age, marriages (including legal marriages), croning/saging, and funerals.

Spiritual Guidance and Healing

Ara Priestesses and Priests are available to provide spiritual counseling, and facilitation of mind, body and spirit healing.

Religious Education

Ara Priestesses and Priests offer workshops, classes, lectures, books, articles, and mentoring on a variety of spiritual topics. We are currently offering our initiatory prep training programs online:

To prepare for the intense psychological and spiritual changes that can manifest during our training programs as well as during and after Initiation, we have created interim community building support programs:

We are also in the process of creating a #SpellRebellion series of rituals.

Our #SpellRebellion rituals are held at the solar celebrations of the Equinoxes and Solstices during whichclergical services you will reaffirm your commitment to Mother Earth. All while being in the flow with the energy of the season. We call our commitments to Mother Earth as “Activism in Accord”.

To support our #SpellRebellion rituals, we offer our monthly Full Moon rituals so you can attune yourself to the energy of the Moon as she sits in each particular zodiac sign. Where our #SpellRebellions focus on your outward “Activism in Accord”, the Full Moon rituals focus on the inner landscape. By focusing inward, you can remove blocks that keep you from manifesting your “Activism in Accord”. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.  

Learn more about our #SpellRebellion solar rituals and full moon rituals.

Community and Interfaith

In addition to creating and conducting large and small religious ceremonies for the community, Ara Priestesses and Priests are available to assist in a variety of community needs, including providing specialized ministries for military, prisons, hospitals and hospices, and universities; assisting in community services as needed, provide expertise in religious liberties issues; and participate in various environmental and interfaith organizations and causes.

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