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How to Choose a Spiritual Community


Your first step toward finding a spiritual community you love...

The first thing we ask everyone who joins the Temple of Ara as a member is: What’s important to you about becoming involved with the Temple?

And after so many years of talking with our community, we’ve discovered a few common threads. These threads are not only Ara-specific -- they also illustrate what motivates people to seek out community in the first place.

Here's what people are looking for:

  • I’m on a quest for peace with myself, to understand my place in the world, and to know that I belong to something that’s larger than my day-to-day
  • I need to have like-minds to talk with or share with
  • I want Divine experiences and knowledge; understanding of my role in this world and how to use my talents to make a difference; community of people that I can talk to and they understand my hopes, dreams and experiences
  • To feel more connected to Nature, the world around me and myself and in a deeper way. I wanted to make this a priority because I feel like if my spiritual life is attended to, it will enhance every aspect of the way I live and interact with others

A Conscious Spiritual Community Can Satisfy those Needs

There is a hunger for connection to something larger than ourselves, as well as a need to bring greater self-awareness to ourselves.

The question then becomes: How can we choose a spiritual community that is right for us, that honors us, and is “safe”.

We have found that when people choose a spiritual community based on awareness or consciousness, the experiences are much more rewarding. And that’s what we want for you.

The key to choosing a spiritual community is to understand your requirements, needs and wants. It also requires you to take responsibility for not only your search, but how you participate in that community.

To help you get some clarity, we’ve got some exercises for you. Read on and be prepared to do some thinking and journaling!

Don't have much time to read right now? Check out this video we put together to help explain these concepts.

And download the workbook, too! (See the bottom of this page) We've got some great exercises within that we know will be super helpful to you.

How to Choose a Spiritual Community

It can be tempting to jump into a community blindly and then get frustrated or disappointed by what you experience. It's important to do your homework first. Here are the three most important tips we can offer anyone seeking to find a spiritual home: 

  1. 1
    BECOME THE CHOOSER:  Being part of a healthy community is like being a part of a healthy friendship, life partnership, or even a familial relationship. And a relationship is healthy when each member acts like a chooser.
  2. 2
    IDENTIFY COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Here we’re going to start building your community relationship criteria. Most relationships (of all kinds) fail because the people within the relationship are not compatible. 
  3. 3
    MAKE A PLAN: It’s perfectly ok to participate in various events and with different groups as you figure out what community would be right for you. 

Discover the secrets of choosing a high-functioning spiritual community!

Finding a spiritual "home" is more than important these days. It's tough to go through life without community. To get your journey started, download a copy of our special workbook on How to Choose a Spiritual Community! Complete the exercises contained within so you can: 

* Become a "Chooser", and be more proactive in your quest

*  Identify what your community requirements are (versus needs or wants)

* Make a plan and take action

* Discover the easiest way to get involved with a spiritual community of like minds

How to choose a spiritual community
How to choose a spiritual community

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