Outer Grove

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Grove is a community building program through which current Temple members collaborate with each other on ritual crafting on certain topics covered in our basics program, Making Magic with the Sacred, our exclusive Membership program, Crossing into the Mysteries, plus our Level One study program, The Deeper Wisdom of the Circle.

Through our Outer Grove program, we deepen our relationship to all the “other-than-human” beings in Nature and to in-dwelling divinity. We expand our intellectual needs through recommended reading and book reports. We deepen our relationship to the seasons and create “found object” altars that express that relationship. And so much more!


Each member of the Temple works independently according to the theme of the individual session and, at times, with each other to create ritual. Grove is a reflection of proprietary Ara teachings so each session is a chance to expand experiences and learnings that our programs offer.

Outer Grove also is a great way to start to prepare for the topics and practices we cover in our Level Two program, The Spirituality of Immanent Divinity.

Currently we host a private page on Facebook for Grove which serves as our hub for asking questions and sharing information. We then meet online every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7-8:30pm ET via our online meetings platform.

Those who are not able to join live are still able to participate in the exercises & experiences and then can share feedback via email or the page on FB.

  • All members of the Temple of Ara are able to participate in Grove.
  • Once you enroll in Grove, you will be given instructions on how to join the private page on Facebook.
  • As the Temple expands, we will offer live Grove sessions in each time zone of the U.S. (Pacific, Mountain, Central).
  • Element Immersion: Ritual to honor Air
  • Element Immersion: Ritual to honor Fire
  • Element Immersion: Ritual to honor Water
  • Element Immersion: Ritual to honor Earth
  • Designing a seasonally appropriate altar
  • Recommended Reading book report presentations
  • Ritual to honor Community
  • Ritual to honor Wheel of the Year (First Fruits, Final Harvest, May Day, Solstices, Equinoxes)

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Outer Grove

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