April 18

New Level 1 Study Group program launched


We’ve heard from many community members how helpful it is to learn in a group setting — so we’re excitd to launch a new study group program to accompany our Level 1: Deeper Wisdom of the Circle training program! At no additional registration fees, either!

Level 1 Study GroupBy joining the Study Group program, you’ll

  • refine understanding through discussion,
  • foster creativity,
  • challenge your assumptions,
  • stay better focused and on track with your practices.

We’ve heard from many of you that having structured “classroom” time helps you follow through with your field work. And many love the opportunity to share experiences with one another. Plus, each Study Group is facilitated by one of our Clergy members.


Participation is pretty easy. You’ll

  • enroll in the self-paced, online version of our Level One program, Deeper Wisdom of the Circle,
  • sign up through the special enrollment link located in Session 1
  • engage with the self-paced video lessons, engage with the fieldwork and
  • then approximately twice a month, join in on our online sessions for the duration of the self-paced program.

After enrolling, we’ll email you instructions on how to join.


The current Study Group cohort is comprised of 4 sessions to be held online Wednesdays from 7-9pm ET. Additional Study Groups will be held periodically throughout the year. Study Group sessions are discussion based so please come prepared to talk about your fieldwork.

Study Group requires a minimum of 4 participants. If minimum requirements are not met, you can continue to engage with the class as a Self-Paced student and still receive support via email from one of our Elder Clergy.

MAY 15, 2019
  • Program Session 1 : Introduction to Real Magic
  • Program Session 2 : Theology of Nature
JUNE 5, 2019
  • Program Session 3 : Nature as Our Greatest Spiritual Teacher
JUNE 26, 2019
  • Program Session 4 : Deeper Spiritual Meanings of the Wheel of the Year
  • Program Session 5 : Creating Sacred Space
JULY 17, 2019
  • Program Session 6 : The Truth about Immanent Divinity
  • Program Session 7 : The Art of Ritual & Raising Energy
AUGUST 14, 2019
  • Program Session 8 : Right Relationship Ethics
  • Program Session 9 : Wrap up & celebration

If you’re not able to join us for a Study Group, you remain enrolled in the self-paced version and still receive all the benefits of the program.


If you’ve already enrolled in Deeper Wisdom of the Circle, you can still join the Study Group. If it’s been a while since you’ve engaged with the course contents, we recommend that you start from the beginning with a beginner’s mind. We are routinely updating the contents of our programs so chances are it’s different than the first time you engaged with the course.

If you haven’t enrolled in Deeper Wisdom of the Circle, as a member, you are entitled to 10% off registration fees. To join the Temple as a member, click HERE

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