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Celebrating the Full Moon in January


Tracking Down the Wolf Moon

If you’re yearning to connect with the world around you, and to connect to something higher or beyond yourself, and to live in balance and serenity

there is no better time than the Winter to do so – especially at the January Full Moon.

So, stick around to the end of the video because I’m going to share some tips, some little known facts, and a quick How-To guide that will help you make the most of this auspicious time.

What’s Cool about the Full Wolf Moon

The phases of the Moon serve as a glimpse into Nature’s intricate meanings and aid us as we synchronize ourselves to Nature’s rhythms.

When we plan our meditations and set our intentions in tandem with the phases of the Moon, we begin to feel more at ease with the cyclical energy inherent in Nature and in life.

We begin to understand that there is an intelligent and orderly plan behind the apparently random changes in life.

Staying “in tune” or in-sync with Moon phases is a great way to naturally balance your life activity. Once you become aligned with Moon phases, as lunar energy cycles through two-week phases of waxing and waning, you can rest assured and move forward confidently with your daily affairs.

Not only is this a tried-and-true method for attaining balance and harmony in your emotional life, this is also a natural way to achieve success and fulfillment in your professional life.

Each full moon is a culmination of energy, as it’s the peak of the lunar cycle. The Full Moon brings to light what needs your attention. It’s often a highly emotional time where your intuition may be intensified.

This is a time to notice situations that are triggering you and who or what is pushing your buttons. Identify what you are feeling so you can release and resolve it and then reclaim your power.

For our ancient ancestors, the Full Wolf Moon was a time for hunting and preparation for the coming spring. It was also a time for spiritual introspection and reflection, as the long, dark nights provided an opportunity for contemplation and connection with the spiritual world.

In modern times, the Full Wolf Moon is often associated with renewal and new beginnings. It is a time to let go of the past and embrace the future, setting intentions and making plans for the year ahead. Many people use this time to perform rituals or meditate, focusing on their goals and aspirations for the coming year.

Overall, the Full Wolf Moon is a time of transformation and growth, a time to embrace the cold and darkness of winter and use it as an opportunity for personal growth and development. Whether you are seeking spiritual enlightenment or simply looking to set some goals for the year ahead, the Full Wolf Moon is a powerful time to reflect and move forward with intention and purpose.


January’s full Moon is also a “Micromoon” this year.

Think of this term as the opposite of a “Supermoon.” It simply means that the full Moon is at its farthest point from Earth (not the nearest point). Astronomers call this “apogee.”

Specifically, January’s Micro full Moon is about 252,600 miles from Earth.

Why is the Moon nearer or farther (in this instance) from Earth?

Simple: The Moon orbits Earth in an elliptical path. One side is nearer to Earth and one side is farther. This distance does affect the Moon’s size and brightness, although it’s probably not that visible to the naked eye.

The perceived size of the Moon from Earth is more related to the “Moon Illusion” and how close the Moon appears to the horizon; in this case, it’s high above the horizon so it may not appear to loom over us the way it appears when it’s near the horizon.

Learn more about our full moon rituals:

Why is it Called the Wolf Moon?

Full Moon names come from several places, including Native American, Colonial American, and European sources. Traditionally, each full Moon name was applied to the entire lunar month in which it occurred and through all the Moon’s phases—not only the full Moon. 

It’s thought that January’s full Moon came to be known as the Wolf Moon because wolves were more likely to be heard howling at this time. It was traditionally believed that wolves howled due to hunger during winter,

But we know today that wolves howl for different reasons. Howling and other wolf vocalizations are generally used to define territory, locate pack members, reinforce social bonds, and coordinate hunting.

- Farmer's Almanac

Other traditional names for the January Moon emphasize the harsh coldness of the season:

  • Frost Exploding Moon (Cree),
  • Freeze Up Moon (Algonquin), and
  • Severe Moon (Dakota).
  • Hard Moon (Dakota) highlights the phenomenon of the fallen snow developing a hard crust.
  • Canada Goose Moon (Tlingit),
  • Great Moon (Cree),
  • Greetings Moon (Western Abenaki),
  • and Spirit Moon (Ojibwe)

Another fitting name is the Center Moon. Used by the Assiniboine people of the Northern Great Plains, it refers to the idea that this Moon roughly marks the middle of the cold season.

How to Watch for the Full Moon Rise

January’s full Wolf Moon reaches peak illumination on Friday, January 6, at 6:09 P.M. EST.

At a full Moon, the Moon is located on the opposite side of the Earth to the Sun so the face of the Moon facing toward the Earth will be completely illuminated by the Sun’s rays.

Look for the Moon to rise from the northeastern horizon around sunset that evening.

Since it’s the closest to the December solstice—when the sun is at its lowest—it’s the highest full moon of the year in the northern hemisphere. Since the “Wolf Moon” will take a higher, more northerly trajectory across the night sky , the Moon will be above the horizon longer than at other times of the year.

The Moon will also pass as close to the zenith (the point in the sky directly overhead) as it ever does.

It will be best seen at moonrise on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

The Farmer's Almanac has a helpful Moonrise Calculator to see what time you can expect to catch a glimpse of the first full Moon of 2023!

How the Zodiac Influences the Moon’s Energy

Full Moon

For many of us who live in concert with Nature’s rhythms, the Full Moon is one of the most magical of times -- an ideal occasion for becoming intentional and for creating change.

The Moon orbits one full turn around the Earth in 28 days. And as it does, it passes through each of the Zodiac signs for about 2 to 2 1/2 days.

The sign of the Moon on any given day broadcasts a subtle emotional undercurrent.

Just as our personalities can be described in terms of the position of the Sun and Moon at the time of birth, the changing moods and energies of our daily lives can be correlated with the passage of the Moon through the Zodiac each month.

Although any Full Moon can mark a time for manifestation, it is helpful to know which sign of the Zodiac the Full Moon is in, and how that effects the energies at work.

Like the mystery of the lunar pull, it's hard to put your finger on … it’s also not scientifically proven … yet it can serve as a good guideline in terms of whatever goal or intention we’ve set out for ourselves.

For example, if you’d like to increase prosperity, your Full Moon meditation would be enhanced by an earth-sign Moon (particularly Taurus); a Cancer Moon might also be appropriate. An air-sign Moon would be less effective, because of the emphasis on the mental rather than the tangible. You could, however, use the energy of an air-sign Moon to stimulate productive conversation with an employer, which might lead indirectly to monetary rewards.

Full Moon in Cancer

The moon reflects your emotional needs. It’s important to schedule gaps in your day for quiet time where you can check in with yourself. Let go of the outer requirements and spend quiet time evaluating what matters most and what you need to move forward.

The Cancer Full Moon supports your home base and family. It’s deeply nurturing and motherly. Cancer relates to your emotional world. Cancer helps you tidy up your space emotionally and tune into what you value most.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon - which makes a Full Moon in Cancer doubly empowering.

Full Moon in Cancer

Cancer, as the crab, likes to sidestep situations and emotions. Review what’s coming up for you so you’re not avoiding something important.

Each full moon is also a reminder to find balance between opposing forces, a need to find balance between your physical and emotional needs.

While the Moon is in Cancer, the Sun is in Capricorn.

The Sun in Capricorn represents your outer appearance, your career, what you’re known for, status and the legacy you leave. Capricorn helps you discover your truth or the truth of certain situations that may have been hidden in the past.

The Cancer/Capricorn axis supports you to stabilize your inner world, so you have a solid foundation to go into the outer world. This Moon may be illuminating situations or emotions that need your attention.

It may be shattering illusions of what is real and not real. Be open to possibilities. You may experience a radical shift in how you present yourself to the public as you upgrade your emotional home base.


So -- In this video, you discovered how the phases of the moon serve as a glimpse into nature's meanings and how when you plan in tandem with the moon you feel more at ease with life's cyclical energy.

You discovered there's an intelligent and orderly plan behind random changes in which can help you live a more balanced life.

You learned how the sign of Cancer influences the energy of this full moon making it a great time to schedule quiet time where you can check in with yourself and evaluate what matters most and what you need to move forward.

You also learned when the best time is to get outside and watch a moon rise and you also took a quick look at how the names of the full moons reflect the energy of the Earth at this time of year

So make sure you schedule some time to get outside to enjoy the Full Moon.

Spend some time focusing on your breathing, to bring yourself into the present moment and to let go of all the every day troubles and concerns.

Focus your gaze on the moon. Feel the energy of the Moon cascading down upon you –

Allow the full moon to bathe you in a protective circle of light. Vibrant with energy, your space is transformed, filled with the purity of spirit.

Feel the energy shining on you, illuminating you…

Allow your intuition to receive what Grandmother Moon may have to say to you

Take a moment to write down the words that you were given, the words that you created.

Your Next Step

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