August 29

Enchantment of the Blue Moon in Pisces


Experience the Magic

Have you ever felt the alluring pull of the Moon, a mysterious force guiding you toward something greater? … If so, then stick around to the end of the video because we’re are going to explore the extraordinary Full Moon that is headed our way this month.

This coming Full Moon is a rare Blue Moon, as well as a Supermoon, in Pisces. But what does that mean for you, and how can it transform your connection with the Earth as well as how it can positively impact on your life?

Importance of Full Moon Rituals

Our ancestors understood the Moon as a celestial guide, marking time and illuminating the cycles of life. From indigenous tribes to ancient civilizations, Full Moon rituals were sacred ceremonies to honor Mother Earth and connect with divine energy. Each Full Moon brought a chance for renewal, self-reflection, and an alignment with the universal flow.

Science, too, reveals a profound connection between the Moon and Earth. The gravitational pull of the Moon controls the tides of our oceans, a rhythmic ebb, and flow that mirrors the natural cycles within us. Our very biology, from menstrual cycles to sleep patterns, is in sync with the lunar dance, a harmony of science and soul.

A Full Moon is a time of illumination and revelation. By engaging in rituals, or simply becoming present to the Full Moon, we align ourselves with natural rhythms, shedding what no longer serves us, and embracing new intentions. The Moon's light guides us towards self-discovery, healing, and growth, a pathway to our inner wisdom.

In our Moonlit Pathways program, Full Moon rituals become a spiritual journey, a pathway to deeper connection with yourself and the universe. Through guided practices, participants explore the Moon's wisdom, cultivating mindfulness, compassion, and a sacred bond with the natural world.

Spiritual Significance of the Blue Moon & Supermoon:

A Blue Moon is a fairly rare and mystical event, happening approximately once every two years. Often defined as the second Full Moon in a calendar month or the third of four Full Moons in a season, it embodies the unexpected and the extraordinary. The name conjures images of rarity and wonder, a celestial gift that stirs our spiritual curiosity.

A Supermoon occurs when the Full Moon coincides with perigee, its closest point to Earth. A supermoon exceeds the disk size of an average-sized Moon by up to 8% and the brightness of an average-sized full Moon by some 16%. You may not perceive the difference in size, but a supermoon will appear brighter in the sky. This alignment makes the Moon appear larger and brighter, a visual spectacle that amplifies its energy. The Supermoon is a powerful symbol of magnification, illuminating our emotions and intentions with greater intensity.

The Blue Moon and Supermoon are where enchantment meets science. While folklore surrounds them with mystique, astronomers explain these phenomena through celestial mechanics. This union of myth and fact invites us to see the world through both poetic vision and empirical understanding, a marriage of heart and mind.

In contemporary culture, the Blue Moon has become synonymous with rarity and special occurrences. It symbolizes unexpected opportunities and the potential for positive change. Some believe that during a Blue Moon, wishes and intentions set forth have a stronger chance of coming to fruition.

The Blue Moon has found its way into poems, songs, and literature. Its mystique and allure are often used metaphorically to convey emotions such as melancholy, longing, or a sense of wonder. The song "Blue Moon" has become a standard in the American songbook and encapsulates this sense of romance and mystique.

The Blue Moon's mythical and cultural interpretations provide a rich tapestry of meaning, from practical calendrical adjustments to profound spiritual significance. Its influence permeates various cultural expressions and continues to inspire awe and wonder, transcending time and geographic boundaries. Whether viewed through the lens of folklore, spirituality, or romance, the Blue Moon holds a special place in human imagination and storytelling.

As the Moon approaches Saturn on this night, we're reminded of the cosmic dance and interconnectedness of all celestial bodies. Saturn, the taskmaster planet, adds a layer of discipline and structure to the Moon's energy, grounding our dreams and guiding our spiritual pursuits.

Learn more about our full moon rituals:

Why is it Called the Blue Moon?

The term "Blue Moon" is steeped in history and folklore. It's believed to have originated from the Old English word "belewe," meaning "to betray." In some interpretations, the Blue Moon was considered an additional traitor Moon, as it disrupted the usual pattern. Others tie the name to rare blue-tinted Moons caused by volcanic eruptions or wildfires.

Some Native American tribes referred to the second full moon of a month as a Blue Moon to differentiate it from the first. For example, the Maine Farmers' Almanac used to name each full moon of the year, and a Blue Moon was added to adjust the lunar and solar calendars, thus connecting it with a sense of time and cycles.

Other Moon names for this month:

Different cultures have bestowed names upon each Full Moon.

For August, the Full Moon is often called the Sturgeon Moon, Grain Moon, or Green Corn Moon, reflecting the season's harvest and natural abundance.

How to Watch for the Full Moon Rise

On Wednesday, August 30, 2023, the Full Moon will peak at  9:36 P.M. ET.

The August 30-31 supermoon will be the closest, biggest, and brightest full supermoon of 2023. It’s exceptionally close in Moon miles from Earth (222,043 miles). The next time we’ll have a closer full supermoon is November 5, 2025, when the moon lies 221,817 miles from Earth.

The best opportunity to catch the Blue Moon is when she rises at 7:45 p.m. ET on August 30th, a time when the sky begins to darken, and the Moon takes center stage. Finding a location away from city lights, with a clear horizon, will offer the best viewing experience.

Tools and Techniques for a Closer Look

A simple telescope or even binoculars can enhance the viewing experience, bringing the Moon's craters and seas into focus. Guided Moon maps and apps can also add an educational layer to this celestial event.

Engaging the Senses for a Holistic Experience

Watching the Full Moon rise is more than a visual experience. Feel the cool night air, listen to the nocturnal symphony, and immerse yourself in the Moon's gentle glow. Engaging all your senses connects you to the present moment and the Earth's gentle embrace.

We invite you, dear viewer, to share your Full Moon experiences and insights. Your personal connection to the Moon adds to our collective understanding and creates a community of Moon-lovers and spiritual seekers.

(Want to know when the Moon rises in your neck of the woods? Check out the Farmer’s Almanac Moonrise Calculator)

How the Zodiac Influences the Moon’s Energy

For many of us who live in concert with Nature’s rhythms, the Full Moon is one of the most magical of times -- an ideal occasion for becoming intentional and for creating change.

The Moon orbits one full turn around the Earth in 28 days. And as it does, it passes through each of the Zodiac signs for about 2 to 2 1/2 days.

The sign of the Moon on any given day broadcasts a subtle emotional undercurrent.

The Moon's journey through the zodiac wheel has profound effects on our inner landscapes. Each sign the Moon transits brings its unique energy, coloring our emotions, instincts, and subconscious. Astrology gives us the language to understand these subtle shifts, guiding us towards self-awareness and transformation. 

Although any Full Moon can mark a time for manifestation, it is helpful to know which sign of the Zodiac the Full Moon is in, and how that effects the energies at work.

Like the mystery of the lunar pull, it's hard to put your finger on … it’s also not scientifically proven … yet it can serve as a good guideline in terms of whatever goal or intention we’ve set out for ourselves.

Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is a realm of intuition, imagination, and spirituality. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of mysticism, Pisces' influence on the Moon elevates our emotional sensitivity and spiritual connections. It's a time to dream, meditate, and explore the ethereal dimensions of our existence.

The zodiac is a cosmic mirror, reflecting the universal patterns and rhythms that resonate with human experience. As above, so below. This ancient wisdom teaches us that the alignment of celestial bodies like the Moon with signs like Pisces opens doorways to inner realms, facilitating growth, insight, and healing.

Pisces Full Moon

For nature-centric spiritual practitioners like mystics, shamans, and witches, understanding the Moon's zodiac influence is key to aligning with the natural world and harnessing its energy. The Pisces Full Moon is an opportunity to dive into the mystical waters, enhancing psychic abilities, creativity, and compassion. It's a time to weave magic and cultivate a deep connection with the universal web of life.

Full Moon in Pisces - Spiritual Interpretation

Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, a sign of duality, empathy, and spiritual questing. This water sign is linked to the dream world, intuition, and unconditional love. Its energy is fluid, transcendent, and unbound by earthly limitations, inviting us to connect with the deeper currents of our soul.

A Full Moon in Pisces offers a portal to our intuitive wisdom, dreamscapes, and empathic hearts. Rituals during this time can involve meditation, dream journaling, or compassionate acts. It's a time to listen to the inner voice, embrace imaginative visions, and extend kindness towards oneself and others.

Pisces Full Moon rituals might include water ceremonies, crystal healing, or artistic expressions. As a sign of release and surrender, this is a potent time for letting go of old patterns, forgiving, and embracing spiritual wholeness. The rituals aim at inner healing, personal growth, and alignment with one's true self.

Water is Pisces' element, symbolizing the flow of life, purification, and emotional depth. The connection between the Pisces Full Moon and water is a beautiful invitation to reflect on the fluidity of existence and the interconnectedness of all beings. Rituals involving water can cleanse the soul, renew the spirit, and awaken the subconscious wisdom.


In this video, you learned some important facts about the Full Moon in Pisces that will help you make the most of this auspicious time.

You also discovered why Full Moon rituals are so important.

You also learned that the Full Blue Moon in August offers a chance to balance the solar energy of the sun in Virgo with the lunar energy of the Full Moon in Pisces. This balance can help us tap into our intuition while remaining grounded in reality.

So, as you prepare for the Full Blue Supermoon in August, remember the deeper meaning behind this lunar cycle. Embrace the energy of renewal and growth, and use it to set intentions for your own spiritual practice.

So make sure you schedule some time to get outside to enjoy the Full Moon.

An Easy Ritual                                          

To help you make the most of this auspicious time, here is a simple yet powerful Step-by-Step guide to a Pisces-aligned ritual:

  • Make sure you go outside!
  • Attune Yourself to Sacred Space: Begin by creating a calming environment. Light candles, use soft lighting, or play gentle music. You may wish to include elements of water, such as a bowl or vase, to honor Pisces.
  • Declare Intentions: Pisces energy invites connection to intuition and dreams. Write down your intentions, focusing on areas like emotional healing, spiritual growth, or empathy.
  • Water Meditation: Fill a bowl with water and gaze into it. Visualize the intentions flowing into the water, connecting with the fluidity and depth of Pisces.
  • Release and Surrender: Pisces invites release. If there's anything you wish to let go of, write it down and safely burn the paper or dissolve it in the water.
  • Closing the Ritual: Thank the Moon and the Pisces energy. Close the ritual by reflecting on the intentions and how they resonate with your personal journey.

Your Next Step

If you’re looking for a way to continue this journey with the Full Moon, consider joining our newest program, Moonlit Pathways.

The Moonlit Pathways program is a distinctive spiritual journey anchored in a nature-centric philosophy that honors the interconnectedness of all life. At its core, Moonlit Pathways embraces the rhythms of Nature, fostering a deep bond with Mother Earth, her cycles, and all living beings. Participants learn to flow with natural energies, leading to harmony and balance.

Guided by seasoned mentors, participants journey into the depths of their soul, exploring ancient wisdom, sacred rituals, and transformative practices.

Moonlit Pathways empowers participants to discover their unique spiritual path, aligning with cosmic rhythms, understanding their place in the universe, and cultivating inner peace.

By synchronizing with the Full Moon's cycle, participants learn to dance with the universe, embracing celestial influences and applying them in daily life. Joining Moonlit Pathways is not merely attending a course; it is embarking on a profound spiritual adventure.

Participants are guided through a process that nurtures growth, self-realization, and enlightenment. Every Full Moon, including this special Blue Moon, is a stepping stone on this path.

So what awaits you after the Blue Moon has set? The celestial dance continues, and your journey with the Moon is just beginning. Join us as we explore the Moon's magic and how it guides your path to renewal and transformation.

Click on our next video to uncover the secrets of lunar cycles and how they influence your daily life. The wisdom of the stars is calling; will you answer?

Want to join us for our next Full Moon ritual?


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