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Make Your October Full Moon Ritual More Powerful


Chasing Down the Hunter Moon

Life can be a rollercoaster.

With all the challenges we juggle, we often wind up feeling stuck, in a sort of limbo where life buzzes around us, but we can’t access its energy. Life is at once too overwhelming and not engaging enough. We feel tired, burnt out, and not excited, yet also restless, eager to strive, and trying.

There is a myriad number of ways that we can be stretched to our limits, and in the end become stressed out, frazzled, unhappy and sad.

As we move along our life’s journey, we often look for sources of inspiration and reminders of the sacredness of our existence, to ease our pain and remind us of our “wholeness”.

While many look to the “beyond” for such inspiration, we often forget that a chief source of wisdom and solace can be found with Nature.

When we observe and engage with Nature, we open the door to our intelligence, notice the lessons to be learned, and see that everything has its own purpose, rhythm, and balance. We learn from Nature about how to truly be who we are -- that is, to be in full and open self-expression.

Nature teaches limits as well as possibilities if we are willing to learn. Nature also gives us an easy and powerful way to work in the realm of soul - even a small amount of time in Nature can awaken the Sacred within.

Nature wisdom was used among our early ancestors who were intimately connected to the Great Mother and her ways. For example, Native Americans wrapped entire systems of communication around energetic and/or symbolic patterns in Nature. So too did the ancient Celts who equally honored the motions of Nature in connection with their existence.

Today we can take our cue from our forebears. We have powerful tools for our spiritual, mental, physical and magical development among the trees, the seas and the Stars, the Sun and the Moon.

The Moon and Her Phases

The phases of the Moon serve as another glimpse into Nature’s intricate meanings and aid us as we synchronize ourselves to Nature’s rhythms. When we plan our meditations and set our intentions in tandem with the phases of the Moon, we begin to feel more at ease with the cyclical energy inherent in Nature and in life. We begin to understand that there is an intelligent and orderly plan behind the apparently random changes in life.  

Staying “in tune” or in-sync with Moon phases is a great way to naturally balance your life activity. Once you become aligned with Moon phases, as lunar energy cycles through two-week phases of waxing and waning, you can rest assured and move forward confidently with your daily affairs. Not only is this a tried-and-true method for attaining balance and harmony in your emotional life, this is also a natural way to achieve success and fulfillment in your professional life.

What’s Cool About the Hunter's Moon

The Hunter’s Moon will reach peak illumination at 4:54 P.M. Eastern Time on Sunday, October 9, 2022.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, it will be below the horizon at this time, so we’ll have to wait until sunset to watch it take its place in the sky. Like September’s Harvest Moon, the Hunter’s Moon rises around the same time for several nights in a row so start looking for it on Saturday, October 8, 2022!

As the Moon drifts over the horizon around sunset, she may appear larger and more orange—how perfect for the fall season! This is the “Moon Illusion,” making her appear bigger than she really is.

Want to know when the Moon rise in your neck of the woods? Check out the Farmer’s Almanac Moonrise Calculator

Harvest, Hunter, and the Equinox

Traditionally, in Native American, Colonial American, and European folklore, each full Moon name was applied to the entire lunar month in which it occurred and through all of the Moon’s phases—not only the full Moon.

The Harvest Moon and the Hunter’s Moon are unique in that they are not directly related to this folklore. Instead, they’re tied to an astronomical event: the autumnal equinox

This Moon is the first full Moon to follow the Harvest Moon, meaning that it can occur in either October or November. In 2022, the Harvest Moon occurred on September 10, so the Hunter’s Moon follows one lunar cycle later, on October 9.

Learn more about our full moon rituals:

Why is it Called the Hunter Moon?

It is believed that this full Moon is called the full Hunter’s Moon because it was the time to go hunting in preparation for the cold winter ahead. Animals are beginning to fatten up ahead of winter, and since the farmers had recently cleaned out their fields under the Harvest Moon, hunters could easily see the deer and other animals that had come out to root through the remaining scraps (as well as the foxes and wolves that had come out to prey on them).

The earliest use of the term “Hunter’s Moon,” cited in the Oxford English Dictionary, is from 1710. Some sources suggest that other names for the Hunter’s Moon are the Sanguine or Blood Moon, either associated with the blood from hunting or the color of the changing autumn leaves.

- Farmer's Almanac

The names of the Moon are most often related to natural signs of the season or to activities that were done at this time of year. Some of our favorite alternative names for this Moon include:

Drying Rice Moon, (Dakota) describes part of the post-harvest process of preparing rice for winter.

Falling Leaves Moon (Anishinaabe) highlights the transition between summer and fall.

Freezing Moon (Ojibwe) and Ice Moon (Haida) refer to the increasingly cold temperatures of this period.

Migrating Moon (Cree) refers to the time when birds begin to fly south to warmer climates.

How to Watch for the Full Moon Rise

The first full Moon of fall 2022 will look at its brilliant best not on one, but two successive evenings this weekend.

The full Moon rising is sure to be a special celestial sight available to anyone who takes the time to plan to see this gift of nature.

That goes double this month.

The full Moon is always best viewed as it rises because only on the night of the full Moon is it possible to see the Moon appear on the horizon during twilight. Since it usually rises about 50 minutes later each night it therefore rises during the early evening just before the night of full Moon and well after dark in the nights after the full Moon.

However, that’s not strictly true this month. Because it’s occurring close to equinox and because the moment of full Moon just works out well for the western hemisphere the Moon is rising only about 25 minutes later each night as seen from mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere. So, this month there are actually two successive evenings when you can see the full (or thereabouts) Moon rise relatively soon after the Sun has set.

Catch it as it rises, and the full “Hunter’s Moon” will look both more colorful and larger than it will at any other time of night—but only for about 15 minutes.

Where to see the ‘Hunter’s Moon’

The full Moon always rises in the east at dusk (opposite a sunset) and sets in the west the following morning (opposite a sunrise). You’ll more easily see it appear on the horizon if you get somewhere high-up or go to a coast with a clear view of the horizon.

How to see the ‘Hunter’s Moon’

The first full Moon of the northern hemisphere’s fall season, the “Hunter’s Moon” will rise in the east just after sunset, shine brightly all night and then set in the west close to sunrise.

You don’t need any special equipment to see a full Moon. Your own unaided eyes are perfect. However, a pair of binoculars will give you a stunning close-up.

How the Zodiac Influences the Moon’s Energy

Full Moon

For many of us who live in concert with Nature’s rhythms, the Full Moon is one of the most magical of times -- an ideal occasion for becoming intentional and for creating change.

The Moon orbits one full turn around the Earth in 28 days. And as it does, it passes through each of the Zodiac signs for about 2 to 2 1/2 days.

The sign of the Moon on any given day broadcasts a subtle emotional undercurrent.

Just as our personalities can be described in terms of the position of the Sun and Moon at the time of birth, the changing moods and energies of our daily lives can be correlated with the passage of the Moon through the Zodiac each month.

Although any Full Moon can mark a time for manifestation, it is helpful to know which sign of the Zodiac the Full Moon is in, and how that effects the energies at work.

Like the mystery of the lunar pull, it's hard to put your finger on … it’s also not scientifically proven … yet it can serve as a good guideline in terms of whatever goal or intention we’ve set out for ourselves.

For example, if you’d like to increase prosperity, your Full Moon meditation would be enhanced by an earth-sign Moon (particularly Taurus); a Cancer Moon might also be appropriate. An air-sign Moon would be less effective, because of the emphasis on the mental rather than the tangible. You could, however, use the energy of an air-sign Moon to stimulate productive conversation with an employer, which might lead indirectly to monetary rewards.

Full Moon in Aries

The Full Hunter’s Moon appears in the constellation of Aries.

With the Moon in Aries, the Sun is in Libra. This opposition of the Sun (Libra) and Moon (Aries) is pushing you to grow through healing personal emotional wounds. Notice what emotions are coming up and who or what is triggering them. It’s reflecting where you need to focus your attention.

Aries is all about “who you are in the world.” There’s a sense of newness and doors opening or some sort of action moving your dreams forward with this Full Moon.

Aries Full Moon

Dynamic Balance

If you've been running on empty, the Aries/Libra axis will help you reclaim your power! Aries is the warrior. She’s a fighter and helps you reclaim parts of yourself you’ve given away. It’s a dynamic and powerful Full Moon. Aries aligns you with courage and passion – helping you be brave and act. Harness its energy and reclaim your personal power, as well as determine next steps you’re ready to take.

Each full Moon is a reminder to find balance between opposing forces. Libra reminds you to find balance in relationships, while identifying what you need emotionally (Aries Moon). Libra brings in equality and peace. There’s a sense of listening to your needs and making sure you’re not giving too much to others or in relationships. The Moon is highlighting any areas where your boundaries are shaky and helping you shore those up so you’re providing for your emotional wellness.

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