Deeper Wisdom of the Circle

Level 1 Study Program: The Deeper Wisdom of the Circle

In this introductory workshop, you’re invited to join the Temple of Ara Elders as we reexamine the meaning and magic of the sacred circle, one of humanity’s most ancient spiritual symbols and practices, and how the circle connects us to the web of life within Nature.

Whether you are a beginner or a well-seasoned practitioner of spiritual artistry, this Intensive offers a transformational journey for all those seeking to experience the givine power that resides within us and in the world around us.

This is the heart of the Ara Tradition–to experience our union with the Divine present in all Creation. Level 1Temple of Ara Elders will guide you in the whys and hows of techniques practiced by Wiccans, Pagans, and indigenous peoples all over the world, practices that empower us to experience this communion and to create the miraculous in our everyday lives.

All experience levels welcome.

Prerequisites: None. However, this Workshop is required for Initiation in the Ara Tradition and must be taken before advancing to Level 2 and Level 3.

We offer Level One LIVE twice a year; our Self-Paced Version is open year-round.

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 As the Temple grows, we will add live classes to accomodate different time zones in the U.S. – please stay tuned.


  • Session 1 : Introduction to Real Magic
  • Session 2 : Theology of Nature
  • Session 3 : How Nature Crafts Her Witches
  • Session 4 : Deeper Spiritual Meanings of the Wheel of the Year
  • Session 5 : Creating Sacred Space
  • Session 6 : The Truth about Immanent Divinity
  • Session 7 : The Art of Ritual & Raising Energy
  • Session 8 : Right Relationship Ethics
  • Session 9 : Wrap up & celebration

To learn more about the Temple’s unique approach to Initiation, please click HERE. To qualify for work study discounts and scholarships, please review our Volunteer policy and email us HERE.

Leve One Deeper Wisdom of the Circle

Stone circle art (c) Martin Hill

Discover the Ancient Wisdom of Nature

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