Communing with Immanent Divinity

Level 2 Study Program: Communing with Immanent Divinity


Our Level 2 study program begins with experiences that delves into the experience of Immanent Divinity, the ancient Delphic prophecy “Know Thyself,” and master techniques to achieve altered states and ecstasy.

Temple of Ara Elders will also guide you in the mastery of important techniques for altering consciousness and communing with the Sacred that is found in Nature as well as within. These practices will include: sensory training, working with divinatory tools to engage in dialogue with and receive guidance from the Divine, obtaining and working with a power animal or spirit guide, and journeying in non-ordinary reality.

We will explore how, through the use of these spiritual tools, we come to understand ourselves, our fears and our longings, our destinies and our divinity. The intensive will culminate with a participatory ritual and Drawing Down of the Divine.

Online Program

The online version of this study program consists of nine sessions that will be conducted both live as Level 2well as “audited”. Each live 90-minute session will be recorded; all those who are “auditing” will be able to listen to the session and participate at their own convenience. As a participant in the online version, you will receive:

  1. Access to scheduled group call-ins (knowns as “labs”) every three weeks so that you can ask questions, connect with other students as well as create sacred space with each other
  2. Participate in a buddy system so that all students (whether live or auditing) can meet each other and talk about their experiences
  3. Unlimited email access to an Elder facilitator and program assistants to ask questions and get clarification
  4. Automatic access to our Inner Grove program (if you want to participate), at no extra charge. Inner Grove is a community building program through which each student will collaborate with others on ritual crafting on certain topics. Inner Grove is only available to people who have successfully finished Level One and Level Two.
  5. Complimentary participation in all Full Moon sessions for the remainder of the year.

Topics for Level 2:

  • Session 1 – Cultivating Intuition
  • Session 2 – Learning the Language of Intuition
  • Session 3 – Amplifying Divine Communication
  • Session 4 – Secrets of Spellcasting
  • Session 5 – Core Shamanism (including meeting your power animals & guides)
  • Session 6 – Preparing for a Shamanic Journey
  • Session 7 – Undertaking a Shamanic Journey to the Lower World
  • Session 8 – Undertaking a Shamanic Journey for Divination
  • Session 9 – Undertaking a Shamanic Journey to Meet the Genus Loci

Includes field work to complete in between sessions.

Prerequisite:  Participants must have successfully completed Intensive I . This workshop is a requirement for Initiation.

To learn more about the Temple’s unique approach to Initiation, please click HERE.

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