Dancing with Your Shadow

Level 3 Study Program: Dancing with Your Shadow

An Intensive In-Person Workshop Devoted to Self-Discovery, Healing & Empowerment

“Everyone who dances in the light casts a shadow. How it moves is up to you.”

–Phyllis Curott, Book of Shadows

This intensive in-person three-day weekend workshop introduces you to the Gatekeeper that stands between the life you are leading and a life of your dreams–your Shadow. You’ll discover that your Shadow is not the reflection of your limitations, but rather your teacher and guide to a life of wholeness and happiness.

This program is designed to help you uncover your shadow beliefs, your insecurities, wounds and fears, weaknesses, anger or doubts, and to help you see the “dark qualities” you bury, deny or project onto others as the source of self-knowledge, freedom and fulfillment.

Our work together will also introduce you to the practical application of one of the key rules of Level 3alchemical magic: within any negative lies the secret of its opposite positive.

We will use guided meditation, journeying, divination, mirror exercises and ritual to discover how our “worst” qualities are, in fact, the sources of our greatest gifts. You will learn tools and techniques to see yourself with radical honesty and courage, discover answers within yourself, and open your heart as a source of healing and self-love. And you will learn how to dance with your Shadow.

The Shadow Workshop is physically and emotionally demanding, so you must be in good health to participate. Some of the practices and techniques may be too psychologically or physically challenging for certain individuals. This workshop is a spiritual process not intended to substitute for substance abuse treatment, long-term therapy or cure. We recommend that in case of any doubt, a physician or trusted counselor be consulted.

Prerequisites: Ara Intensives Levels 1 and 2 are recommended. The Shadow Workshop is required for Initiation into the Ara Tradition. It is also open to all those interested in discovering and creating an empowering relationship with her or his Shadow.

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a notebook, any form of divination that you prefer, rattles, a pillow to sit on, water to drink and a large candle.

Schedule to be announced soon and will be conducted in person in the Northeastern coast of the U.S. To learn more about the Temple’s unique approach to Initiation, please click HERE.

To qualify for work study discounts and scholarships, please review our Volunteer policy and email us HERE.

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