January 3

Ask the Elders: Is the Ara Tradition right for me?


Dear Temple of Ara:

Until a few years ago, witchcraft never had been a topic for me – I always found these things too weird, unscientific and unrealistic. Though I never brought up the issue and never was interested in it, I regularly got lectures on the evilness of witchcraft from my family.

Though I am often insecure, I am usually quite critical about spiritual things and try to keep my both feet on the ground as much as possible. Therefore, I wonder if this is the right motivation or attitude to become involved with the Temple of Ara, as I consider it something serious that should be done with the right motivation. Besides, I would like to know if it is advisable to do the course if you’ve got insecurity issues?

It would be great if you could give me some advice on that.

~ K

Dear K.:
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns.

As you probably know, the Temple of Ara’s philosophies and viewpoints (based on our experiences) are that Nature is as an embodiment of the Divine; as we are children of Nature, we are part of that divinity. Our tools and practices are designed to help people open up to that Divinity. Spell casting then becomes expressions of our communion with the Divine and flows naturally when we realize that our magic is our life.

If you are unfamiliar with who we are as an organization, I recommend that you first read Phyllis Curott’s book, Witch Crafting – the Spirituality of Making Magic. Her book forms the foundation of some of our programs.

If you are still unsure about becoming involved, I recommend that you ask yourself some questions and then journal about them:

  • What initially drew you to the Temple of Ara? What resonated the most?
  • What personal values does the Temple’s work reflect?
  • What needs might be met by joining the Temple?
  • You mentioned that you feel insecure. How is it for you to notice this insecurity?
  • What does your insecurity want for you? What needs does your insecurity point to?
  • How can you meet those needs in a positive, empowering way? How might you approach your work with the Temple from this position of empowerment?
  • When you look at your insecurity in light of your personal values regarding spirituality, how does your insecurity stack up?

In the end, only you can address your fears. Please know, however, that our tools and practices are designed to support you through your transformation.

Hope this helps!

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