Outer Grove

Outer Grove

The Temple of Ara is excited to announce the formation of our Outer Grove!

Outer Grove is a community building program through which current Temple students will collaborate with each other on ritual crafting on certain topics covered in our Level One study program, The Deeper Wisdom of the Circle. Outer Grove is ONLY available to people who have successfully completed Level One.

Each student will work independently and, at times, with each other to create ritual, based on what we have covered in Level One. Outer Grove also is a great way to start to prepare for the topics and practices we cover in our Level Two program, The Spirituality of Immanent Divinity.

During our Outer Grove program, we deepen our relationship to all the “other-than-human” beings in Nature and to in-dwelling divinity. We expand our intellectual need through recommended reading and book reports. We deepen our relationship to the seasons and create a “found object” altar that expresses that relationship. And so much more!

Currently Outer Grove meets live every third Wednesday of every month at 7pm ET. As the Temple expands, we will offer Outer Groves in each time zone of the U.S. (Pacific, Mountain, Central) – more to come.

Outer GroveIf you are a current member in good standing, and have either recently completed Level One or are currently enrolled in Level One, you will be able to register for Outer Grove for free.

See below for a schedule of Grove Sessions in 2017; click here to learn more about our Full Moon rituals.

  • All times 7pm-8:30pm ET


  • Intro
  • Element Immersion: Ritual to honor Air
  • Element Immersion: Ritual to honor Fire
  • Element Immersion: Ritual to honor Water
  • Element Immersion: Ritual to honor Earth
  • Designing a seasonally appropriate altar
  • Recommended Reading book report presentations
  • Ritual to honor Community
  • Ritual to honor Wheel of the Year (First Fruits, Final Harvest, May Day, Solstices, Equinoxes)

Outer Grove

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