Spell Rebellion Rituals

Activism in Accord

As an activist tradition that honors Nature as the embodiment of the Divine, we have created empowering and transformational rituals as a way for all of us, as a community, to respond with positive action to the current negative state of politics, pollution and the pervasive feelings of powerlessness.

The Spell Rebellion is our antidote to this time of anxiety and chaos, when so much of what we stand for and value seems to be at risk. And that’s what Activism in Accord is all about – putting our values into practice.

It’s not about what we believe, it’s about what we do. Binding someone to stop them from acting doesn’t begin to have the power of taking personal responsibility with positive, constructive, life-affirming actions ourselves.

Spell Rebellion RitualsThe Spell Rebellions bring us into harmony with the seasonal wisdom of Mother Earth; Activism in Accord draws upon the energy of the Divine that lives inside us and that sustains us in the world around us.

We are supporting one another as we make commitments to actions that embody our central precept –we seek to live in a sacred manner because we live in a sacred world. Our goal is to protect and defend our Mother as a healthy and sacred planet.

Our Spell Rebellion rituals are held for free at the Equinoxes and Solstices. Because these holidays are reflective of the Sun’s journey throughout the year, we draw upon the characteristics of the luminary Sun. As the Sun puts forth light, so it brings forth life. The Sun’s golden glow is a vital life force which imbues us with strength, energy and a will to succeed. The Sun – and thus our Spell Rebellions – represents our outward activities and our face to the world. Our Spell Rebellions, like the Sun, speak to our creative abilities and our power to meet the challenges of everyday life. Like the Sun, our Spell Rebellions gives strength to others.

(Our Full Moon rituals are our lunar counterpart to our Spell Rebellion movement.)


All live online ritual times 7pm-8pm ET. Replay links will be available for three days after live ritual. Dates to be determined and will be announced on Facebook and through our email list.


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