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Mother Earth’s Sanctum


Unlock the Sacred Symphony of Nature

Let’s journey through time, from ancient worship of the Earth to modern science, and discover the missing elements in today's soul-searching quests. Ever wondered why the whispering winds, the roaring waves, or even the silent mountains evoke a sense of unspoken sanctity within you? In this video, we don't just talk; we guide you through an extraordinary experience that will leave you forever transformed.

The Forgotten Sacrament: Reawakening Your Bond with Nature

The Origins of Earth Worship in Ancient Cultures

Have you ever wondered why so many ancient cultures—from the Celts of Europe to the Native Americans to the tribes of the African savannah—worshipped Earth as a sacred entity? It's like a deep-rooted memory within our collective consciousness, waiting to be revived. Whether it was Gaia, Pachamama, or Mother Nature, the Earth was often the cornerstone of their spiritual practices. Understanding this historical reverence for Earth offers a glimpse into the soul of humanity and can ignite your own sacred connection to Mother Nature.

Scientific Benefits of Nature for Emotional Well-being

Today's science confirms what our ancestors instinctively knew: nature heals. Research published in journals like the Journal of Environmental Psychology and Frontiers in Psychology show that even a mere 20 minutes in a natural setting can lower cortisol levels, enhance mood, and even improve cognitive function. It's as if Mother Earth has always been whispering to us, encouraging us to come back home to ourselves, right?

Shamanic Perspectives on Nature's Sentience

Deep within the core teachings of Shamanism lies the understanding that everything has spirit, or sentient energy. Through ancestral wisdom and ritual, Shamans awaken a dialogic relationship with the Earth. They see mountains as keepers of wisdom and rivers as carriers of life's essence. To reconnect with the Earth is not to speak to an inanimate object but to engage in a conversation with a conscious entity. How might your life transform if you could hear the whispered advice of the ancient forest?

Practices to Reestablish Your Connection

We often are asked how to reestablish connection with Mother Earth …

Whether it's through grounding exercises like barefoot walks, tree hugging done in a ritualistic way, or  simple yet profound offerings to Mother Earth, the pathways to reestablishing your connection are as diverse as Nature herself. And don't forget, later in this video, we’ll guide you through a transformative meditation that will deepen this connection beyond words.

As we continue this heartfelt journey, let's take a moment to linger on the power of language. For what is language but a medium to connect, to understand, and to co-create? Just as we use words to convey our human thoughts, so too does Mother Nature communicate, albeit in a different syntax—through elements, sacred geometry, frequencies, and the very fabric of life itself. Let's wade into this spiritual lexicon and see what wisdom we can unlock.

The Elements Speak: Understanding Nature’s Language

The Role of Elements in Various Spiritual Practices

We'll start by turning our attention to the fundamental building blocks of the universe: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Recognize them? They are more than just physical substances; they are archetypal expressions of energy that recur in multiple spiritual practices from Wicca to Taoism. By understanding how these elements interact—not just in the world around us but within our own bodies—we can tap into a sacred and age-old dialogue.

Resonating with Nature through Sacred Geometry

From the intricate symmetry of snowflakes to the mesmerizing formations of a sunflower's seed pattern, Nature is a skilled artisan in the language of geometry. Sacred Geometry, revered in spiritual contexts, acts as a bridge between the physical world and the ethereal. When you resonate with these divine patterns, it's akin to speaking Nature's love language—a tender sonnet of existence.

Vibrations and Frequencies: The Silent Dialogue

Let’s talk a bit more about vibrations and frequencies – what we like to call The Silent Dialog.

Have you ever felt the hum of a forest or the resonance of ocean waves inside your soul? That is Nature speaking in her silent dialect of vibrations and frequencies. Some theories even suggest that plants respond to human thoughts, which function on their own frequency. Certainly if you’ve studied Reiki, you know that plants respond to healing energy.

In this silent dialogue, are we not all whispering poets, and is Nature not our muse?

Experiencing Deep Ecology Firsthand

So far, we’ve primarily focused on decoding and engaging with the world around us through spiritual, geometrical, and vibrational lenses. We’ve explores the nuanced ways in which Nature communicates with us and how we can reciprocate that dialogue.

Up to this point, we’ve centered on 'understanding' and 'resonating' with Nature, but there is a philosophy that we in the Temple of Ara have incorporated into our practices that pushes this understanding to a visceral level. It's a perspective that asks us not just to decode Nature's messages or to experience them on a surface level, but to internalize them, realizing that our very existence is a part of this intricate, interconnected web of life.

We’re referring to the principles of Deep Ecology.

Deep Ecology posits that every aspect of Nature has an intrinsic value beyond human utility. When you stand in a forest, and you realize that the towering trees, the crawling insects, and the whispering winds are all interwoven in a tapestry of life—you are experiencing Deep Ecology. This is not merely an intellectual concept but a transformational, visceral experience. You realize you are not apart from Nature; you are a part of Nature.

In other words, Deep Ecology invites us to feel that connection deep within our beings. It adds an ethical and emotional layer to our interactions with Nature, underlining that our relationship with her is not one of detached observation or exploitation but of deep-seated kinship and respect.

Incorporating the principles of Deep Ecology into our practices serves as both an ethical compass and an emotional anchor, reminding us that understanding Nature's language is not an end but a pathway—a pathway that leads us to a more profound, existential experience of unity with all forms of life.

…As we’ve meandered through this enchanted labyrinth of thought, we find ourselves arriving at a sanctuary, a sacred space. Yet in this era marked by environmental disquiet, how do we define 'sacred space'? How do we engage with Mother Nature in a way that not only heightens our spirituality but also serves as a reciprocal act of love toward her? Here, we delve into the alchemy of manifesting these sanctuaries—outdoors, within, and in the collective conscience of humanity.

Nature's Altar: Creating Sacred Space Outdoors

Defining Sacred Space in the Age of Environmental Crisis

The reality we navigate today is fraught with challenges—climate change, deforestation, and the very disconnection from Mother Earth that allows such calamities to proliferate. But this stark backdrop serves as a clarion call, heightening the importance of recognizing and creating sacred spaces. In doing so, we don't merely create an area for our personal spiritual practices, but also erect a monument to Earth's resilience and beauty.

The Art of Creating Nature Altars

Building an altar in nature is a tactile poem—a dialogue of love and devotion between you and the Earth. By intentionally selecting elements that speak to you—be it a smooth river stone or a feather gifted by the wind—you acknowledge and elevate the everyday miracles that often go unnoticed.

Outdoor Meditation Techniques

The altar sets the stage, but the play is all yours. Meditation in your sacred outdoor space can be a transformative experience. Whether you choose mindfulness breathing, a guided Earth meditation, or even walking meditation, the techniques are merely pathways to the same sacred moment where you and Nature breathe as one.

Sacred Activism: Your Role in Earth’s Guardianship

This sacred connection is incomplete if it doesn't transmute into action. Sacred activism – what we like to call Activism in Accord - is the maturation of this bond—you extend your love for your sacred space to a love for all Earth. In protecting your sanctuary, you become a guardian for the planet, a steward echoing the spirits of ancestors who once revered Earth as divine.

… So, as we recap this sojourn, everything we’ve explored is a stepping stone in a more intricate journey. We started by unearthing the forgotten sacraments and forging anew our bond with Nature. Then we expanded our understanding by learning Nature's multifaceted language—from the role of elements to sacred geometry. Finally, we came full circle, back to Earth, to materialize these spiritual truths by creating our own sacred spaces outdoors.

But now, it's time to put that profound wisdom into practice, to actually feel what it's like to commune with Nature on a soul-deep level. Allow yourself this sanctified pause as we transition into a guided meditation that seeks to resonate with the essence of all that we've uncovered.

Guided Meditation: The Sanctuary Within and Without

Grounding Your Presence

Take a moment to find a comfortable position. Close your eyes if you're comfortable, or soften your gaze. Feel your feet rooted firmly in the ground, as if tendrils extend from your soles deep into the Earth. You are here, tethered to this living entity, and in this moment, you are one.

Embracing the Elements

As you inhale deeply, imagine drawing in the nurturing energies of Earth. With each exhale, picture yourself releasing gratitude back into the world. The air you breathe is the same air that fills the lungs of ancient trees. You are also inhaling Fire—the warmth of the Sun, exhaling Water—the essence of life, and being cradled by Earth, while the Spirit weaves it all together. Feel these elements dancing within you.

Sacred Dialogue

Now, transport your consciousness to a sacred space outdoors— whether it’s a natural altar you might have visited or envisioned.

Take a moment to listen.

Nature is speaking to you through the rustle of leaves, the ripple of water, and the caress of the breeze. Feel the vibrations and frequencies as you enter into this silent dialogue with Nature.

Becoming a Guardian

Feel your sacred outdoor space glowing with ethereal light. This is not just your sanctuary; this is your responsibility. Make a silent vow to protect and honor this space, to be an Earth guardian. Feel the surge of sacred activism filling you with purpose.

Divinity in All

As you breathe in deeply one last time, imagine your breath uniting with the breath of all living beings—each a sacred aspect of the Divine. As you breathe out, offer a silent blessing or intention for the well-being of the Earth and all her creatures.

Slowly, very slowly, bring your awareness back to your physical surroundings.

You may open your eyes now, carrying within you a piece of the sanctuary we co-created. This is the magic you hold within, a power that doesn't just end here.

In fact, it's just the beginning.

To deepen this transformative journey, consider joining us in our "Unlocking the Power of Magic" class. You’ll be signing up for more than just another program; you're committing to a soulful pilgrimage—one where you'll learn to not just walk on this Earth but truly be one with it.

So, what's your next step on this awe-inspiring journey? What piece of magic are you ready to unlock?

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Many blessings!

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