January 8

Announcing our 2019 Full Moon Ritual Schedule

As part of our spiritual practices that honor the Divine within All, we honor the Moon every month as she turns full in each zodiac sign.

We offer our Full Moon rituals to help you attune yourself to lunar energy. Where spell rebellions focus on outward activism in accord, the Full Moon rituals focus on the inner landscape. We focus on our deepest personal needs and our basic habits, emotions and reactions. Where our solar spell rebellions give us our spirit, it’s the lunar rituals that give us our soul.

How to participate

Each ritual is conducted online since our community lives all over the world and is a guided exploration of each monthly zodiac’s sign influence on the Moon. You’ll begin with mindfulness exercises of body, mind, time, space, and the four elements. Then you’ll discover how draw the Moon’s energy into yourself and open up to Divine Communication with the Moon herself. The ritual finishes by sending blessings back out into the world.

The Full Moon rituals are pre-recorded so that you can participate at any time that may be convenient for you. Even though we will not be face-to-face, and you may not know everyone personally in the community, you will still be able to feel the energy we create, as well as contribute to it, no matter where you are or when you participate in the ritual. Our combined energy will flow through natural currents, just the same way that a phone signal or wifi signal does. Distance is no object for it, just as it is no object for the internet or phone communications. The energy that surrounds us carries all of these energies to the intended receiver. Each one of us is the conduit of this sacred energy.

If you are a member of the Temple of Ara, you will receive links to the guided ritual automatically. If you’re not a member of the Temple, please note the registration links below. (And consider joining us as a member – it’s well worth the investment. The more you get involved, the more support you receive from the community as well as from the Elders in the tradition.)

Full Moon Schedule

Jan 20       https://leo-2019fullmoon.eventbrite.com                    

Feb 18      https://feb2019-leofullmoon.eventbrite.com             

Apr18        https://apr2019-librafullmoon.eventbrite.com           

May 17     https://may2019-scorpiofullmoon.eventbrite.com   

Jun 16       https://jun2019-sagfullmoon.eventbrite.com             

Jul 15         https://jul2019-capfullmoon.eventbrite.com               

Aug 14      https://aug2019-aquariusfullmoon.eventbrite.com  

Sept 13     https://sept2019-piscesfm.eventbrite.com                  

Oct 12       https://oct2019-ariesfullmoon.eventbrite.com           

Nov 11      https://nov2019-taurusfm.eventbrite.com                   

Dec 11   https://dec2019-geminifm.eventbrite.com

Got questions? Get in touch! Email us at TempleofAra.NYC @ Gmail. com



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