January 29

How to walk the hidden path


“Ahead of you lies a world rich with spiritual adventures, a world charged with divine magic.”– Phyllis Curott

We often get mail from readers of Phyllis’ booksseeking guidance on how to recreate her journey.  “Where can I find a local circle?” “What do I do?” “How do I begin?” are frequent questions and sometimes people are disappointed when we don’t give them the answers they were hoping for. Because we usually respond with questions. “What are you already doing?” Surprisingly, the answer is often, nothing, perhaps just reading.

But reading is not doing and without doing, you cannot experience those feelings so many of you are hoping to emulate.

Nor it is worth waiting to start doing until you find a companion for the ride. While there are certainly benefits for practicing with others, as any Ara priestess will tell you, even in circle, our experiences with the Sacred are uniquely our own.

A great place to start (or restart!) is to do the exercises in “Witch Crafting”, keeping a journal of your experiences. And get out. Literally, go outdoors and feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the water between your toes and the earth in your belly. Begin a relationship with the spirits of place where you are.

By actively employing these core practices, we begin to pay attention – to patterns, to our interconnectedness, to our own divinity. The path that appeared hidden suddenly appears. A path that is uniquely yours. What divine magical journey will you choose to take?

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