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Unlock the Power of Nature's Magic

Connecting with Nature-centric spiritual practices can impact your life in many powerful ways – from better physical, emotional, and mental health to instilling a sense of wonder, magic and joy in your life. The process can be effortless, and the rewards tenfold - and this class will show you how. In it, you'll learn easy (and powerful) practices that will help you craft a rich and enchanted life. With Mother Nature as your ally, you'll unlock your creativity, intuition and unleash newfound power. You'll also begin to gracefully and effectively deal with any challenges that life presents, transforming tragedies into strengths and losses into opportunities.

Are you ready to unlock real magic in your life?

Here's What You Get

In 5 easy lessons, you will discover, engage with, and experience:

Easy Practices

Effortless ways of connecting with Mother Nature to experience magic.

Harmony with Nature

Create an intentional relationship with Mother Nature, so you can live in harmony.

Sharper Sensory Perception

Call attention to and sharpen your senses to experience the Divine embodied by Nature.

Enrich Your Life. Discover Nature's Wisdom.


What’s in the course

This class lays the groundwork that allows you to experience the real power of connecting with Mother Nature. Connection with Nature is the essence of making magic.

Module 1
Experience Mother Nature's Magic

In this 30-minute session, you will learn the 6 essential and extra-ordinarily powerful principles that support
a Nature-centric spiritual path.

Module 2
Create an Intentional Relationship

In this lesson, we’ll start creating an intentional relationship with Mother Earth, the most essential aspect to our ways of making magic in the Ara tradition.

Module 3
Open Your Senses to the Divine

Discover the 7 steps you can take to open your senses -- including your body and your heart -- up to the Divine.

Module 4
Find Time for Daily Practice

Learn how to overcome the biggest obstacle in making magic with Nature: finding the time.

Module 5
Community as Spiritual Practice

Discover how to come together with others of like minds to give and get support.

Meet Your Instructor — Linda

Founding Elder Priestess Linda Maglionico has been instrumental in program development and the creation of community in North America. She has developed and implemented such programs as the Temple’s Solar Celebrations, monthly Full Moon guided rituals, as well as revamped the Membership Program and Initiatory Training programs. She has lead circles in New York and New Jersey for nearly 10 years and has conducted workshops in Rome and Milan. Linda currently hosts monthly online membership meet ups to support members as they progress along their paths to becoming “wise ones” who are paying attention, who are aware of the divine presence in all things. She also helps create community by managing the Temple’s content and social media strategies.

Linda has performed wedding ceremonies and funerary rituals and is legally recognized as Clergy by the city and state of New
York as well as New Jersey. A Certified Professional Coach, Linda applies her coaching skills to help the Temple students and members grow, transform, and unlock deeper meaning in and engagement with life. She embarked upon her studies with
Phyllis Curott and the Circle of Ara in 1995.

She enjoys nothing more than helping people rediscover Nature's wisdom (other than her horse, Brandy, of course).

Linda Maglionico

Why Should You Enroll?

If you’ve been searching for a spiritual path that connects you to the Earth’s wisdom but don’t have the time for complicated programs and practices, this course is for you. You will easily experience the magic of Nature as our greatest Spiritual Teacher.

More and more of us are recognizing a deep desire to be in relationship with Nature and the world around us. We long for connection with Nature, knowing that there is more to the Earth than being a resource to be mined for personal gain – that there is a wisdom to Nature. There is a healing aspect to Nature. There is an empowering aspect to Nature. We go out into Nature and instantly feel peace and euphoria and awe within Nature

We are now realizing what our indigenous ancestors always new: living close to the land creates wisdom and infuses our lives with magic. Forming a dynamic relationship with Nature – the animals, the plants and the Earth herself - allows us to see and experience the Sacred

The problem is that most of us don’t have the time to sit around trying to figure things out or read lots of books or participate in complicated rituals, practices, or programs. We need easy and powerful ways to directly experience Nature’s wisdom. And, indeed, to experience magic.

We get it.

It took us a long time to realize that Nature is the embodiment of divinity. Nature makes the Sacred tangible. Looking at Nature, we see living, incarnate divinity. And when we form a relationship with Nature, we make magic. And Nature’s magic simply needs to be felt, lived, and experienced.

When you connect with Nature, you not only create powerful magic, you’ll:

  • Discover an antidote for stress
  • lower your blood pressure & stress hormone levels
  • reduce nervous system arousal
  • enhance immune system function and speed the rate of healing
  • increase self-esteem, promote calm, & improve mood
  • reduce anxiety, aggression, and feelings of isolation.


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  • Powerful fieldwork
  • Integration questions to ground insights

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Here's what some of our students and members have experienced:

Jennifer M.


A great course of meaningful practices

I am loving this class so far! By far, the section on Beginner's Mind was very meaningful for me and something I want to focus on.

Alica L.


Helped me affirm my path

This class for me was a beautiful affirmation of the path I have been on over the last few years.  It was nice to discover I am where I need to be.

April R.


I appreciate learning through fieldwork

One of the many things I appreciate is the way in which we learn is through the fieldwork and our own experiences. That intuitive approach has resonated with me for a long time.


What does this course entail?

This program consists of 5 on-demand sessions – Each one contains a video lesson and specific Nature-centric fieldwork that you can download and complete before moving on to the next session.

How time consuming will this class be?

You’ll find each session to be succinct and easy to follow – the goal is to get you out into Nature – not to bog you down with lots of information.

How complicated is the content to understand?

In this course, you will explore powerful and simple practices so you can feel, experience, and know the ecstasy of communion with Nature. These practices are what enable you to immediately commune with the Sacred as embodied by Nature and the world around you.

What do you mean when you refer to 'magic'?

To put it simply: magic is what happens when you encounter and connect to the Divine within All. Magic is all the extraordinary events and manifestations that flow from that union. A life infused with magic is an enriched life filled with joy, creativity, abundance and strength. This class will show you easy ways to create a magical life.

Become a student of Nature’s Wisdom
and unlock your life’s magic

Enroll in our special introductory class to learn powerful Nature-centric spiritual practices and get started today.